5 cuentas de Instagram para las más clavadas con el skincare

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Para las obsesionadas con el skincare, no sólo se trata de la marca, sino de los ingredientes. Pero hay que ser honestas, no todas sabemos ni entendemos la mitad de las cosas que vienen en la lista de ingredientes. Últimamente han surgido cuentas de Instagram que explican la parte científica de nuestros productos favoritos. #beautynerd


Si apenas estás aprendiendo sobre skincare, esta es la cuenta perfecta. No sólo publica contenido sobre los ingredientes, sino también sobre cómo construir tu propia rutina. También prueba diferentes productos y platica sobre su experiencia aportando comentarios personales. No hay mejor cuenta para empezar con la obsesión.

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Day 14 of #skinemmies2018 There is really no other option for me to choose when it comes to budget during 2018 than the ordinary skincare. I basically stopped posting about these products for some time and actually I don’t have a product in use from the at the moment. Nonetheless they are the most affordable skincare brand I have come across without compromising on content. Overall they are not always the most elegant formulas and have sometimes been referred to as one-liners. In a way that is true but the I rather have a serum with a known amount of niacinamide than an “organic” serum with a bunch of diluted extracts with unknown concentration and data. There is plenty to choose from the ordinary which might be a bit overwhelming. Of the products I have tested the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG and the Niacinamide 10% + 1% zink were my favorites. – • The caffeine solution is designed as an under eye product but is more of an all over face serum or booster in my opinion. 30 ml eye serum is a lot and I actually did not enjoy using this only as an eye product, actually found it a bit drying. But diluted in a moistutiser or together with a bit of Hada Labo Tokyo Premium lotion it was amazing. Gave a nice glow with all the humectants inside, calmed my skin and provided good antioxidant boost. In my am routines I like to dilute my moisturiser with a humectant rich serum to make the formula lighter since I will be wearing spf anyways. Cys of the generous size you might also add a few drops to your favorite body lotion for a boost. 5% caffeine is really on the strong side compared to other brands anyway. Great product when used creatively! . I don’t have to rant about niacinamide as an ingredient today – ya’ ll know it. I think this is a pretty good formula that leaves a bit of a matte finish. I am working my way thru some different niacinamide serums and plan to do a more detailed review/comparison later this year. . Overall I think the ordinary has some nice and affordable products and I miss a few things in their line. I recommend this to friends that are new to skincare since they can try out a few things, see what works and if they even manage to keep a routine.

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Si tienes una piel con tendencia hacia las imperfecciones, esta podría ser la solución a todos tus problemas. Natalie Smyth ha ido publicando todo sobre su camino para lograr la piel perfecta. Todo está explicado súper fácil y simpático. Lo mejor de todo es que sus fotos son top shelf envy, pasarás horas viendo todos los productos.

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Tonight’s routine! Finally reintroducing a mid strength Vitamin A product back into my routine after my bout of Perioral Dermatitis. Here’s hopin’ it goes well! . 💧 #AlexSteinherr Maximum Moisture Micellar Cleansing Gel as a quick cleanse and rinsed off as I do (and think everyone should) with micellar cleansers as to not leave surfactants on the skin. I’m really enjoying this so far for lazy nights! . 💧 #PaulasChoice Repairing Serum – a constant staple (I’ve been through at least 10 bottles this year) and daily dose of ceramides to maintain barrier function. A generous 3 pumps for face and eyes. . 💧 #DrunkElephant Shaba Complex around the eyes and brows, in hope of improving hair growth due to the copper peptides. Still not over the ‘07 brows. . 💧#Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6* – A 0.6% encapsulated Retinaldehyde serum. A full pump massaged into the skin, avoiding eyes and the area above my lip where I’m prone to PD. I’m very intrigued by Retinaldehyde (or Retinal), more so than Retinol, based on the enzymatic conversion (see two posts down on my feed) and also claims that it is less irritating than Retinol. Given that Medik8 are known for their stellar Vitamin A products, I am V excited for this!! As always, I’ll update. 😄 . 💧 #DrunkElephant Protini – 3/4 of a pump. I’m almost ready to call this my favourite discovery of 2018, which is bizzare! Utterly obsessed and has transformed my skin in such a short amount of time. I’ve also not experienced an increase in breakouts/congestion which I was expecting (as with every moisturiser) despite how intensely nourishing this feels on my oily skin. Redness feels like a thing of the past, as does dehydration. Pores appear smaller, skin feels consistently bouncier and juicy (loool). Feels exactly like what my routine has been missing, particularly since my run in with PD, which cut down my (already sparse) options for moisturisers. I’m also really glad to hear they are reducing their prices in the UK come 23rd Oct too (and are offering refunds to those who have purchased – I’m unsure if it’s full refunds or simply price matching, maybe @drunkelephant can confirm). 👏🏻 to good customer service. . *gifted.

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Aquí encontrarás un análisis de los elementos clave de tus productos favoritos en español. Predominan las marcas relativamente accesibles que todas conocemos, como The Body Shop, L’Oreal, Kiehl’s y Clinique. Esta cuenta es relativamente nueva, pero poco a poco está creciendo, lo siguiente va a ser el análisis de maquillaje.

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Rutina de noche de viernes (cuando llueve y el plan es peli y manta☝🏻): limpieza, exfoliación, mascarilla e hidratación. Buenas noches y buen finde!!! 🌙 Friday night face routine: cleansing, exfoliting, mask and hydrating. Good night and have a super nice weekend 1️⃣Limpiar la piel, después de todo el día es vital (tanto si vas maquillada como si no). 2️⃣ Exfoliar para retirar células muertas y hacer una limpieza más profunda. ☝🏻Vigila que el exfoliante sea lo menos agresivo posible, cuanto menos partículas sólidas tenga, mejor! 3️⃣ Mascarilla de arcilla para regular la profucción de grasa y cerrar poros. Esta es una muestra de @sephora , pero hay mil marcas que la tienen! 4️⃣ Hidratación para devolver las grasas y el agua que tu piel necesita y que pierde con la limpieza. ⚠️ Este paso es super importante, si no hidratas bién tu piel cada vez que la limpias, la dejas descubierta de grasas naturales por lo que desequilibras el pH de tu piel haciéndola más susceptible al ataque de bacterias (puede entonces aparece acné).

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Nunca verás un análisis y una explicación tan cute. Toda la cuenta tiene un toque súper padre y creativo. Hacen publicaciones sobre sus propios productos, pero también sobre marcas como La Roche-Posay, SkinCeuticals y Dr. Jart+. Al igual que publican sobre ciertos ingredientes de forma específica, por ejemplo el ácido salicílico.

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We talked a bit about oily/acne skin favorite salicylic acid a couple weeks back, and got quite a few questions asking about sal acid derivatives. So let's look at one today! Capryloyl Salicylic Acid is nicknamed LHA. LHA functions much like salicylic acid: it exfoliates skin and comes with antimicorbial, anti-inflammatory properties as well. It is fat soluble and a highly effective molecule. In fact, L'Oreal has done a study that demonstrated 5% to 10% LHA peel solution has similar efficacies to 30% to 40% glycolic acid. This molecule is often used in acne products, perhaps most notably in La Roche Posay Effaclar duo alongside 5.5% BPO. This combination is so popular, the new Glossier Zit Stick also features a similar combination of ingredients. Have you used an LHA product? How did you like it? Link of L'Oreal LHA study for the curious: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1473-2165.2008.00403.x

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Todo lo publicado en esta cuenta es libre de sponsors. Aunque más que analizar los ingredientes, publica sobre las experiencias que tiene con diferentes marcas y productos. Pero no se limita a skincare, sino también tiene contenido sobre fragancias, maquillaje e incluso pastillas anticonceptivas.

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Gelcream Series | The Office 📠 Scanned things that make me feel better, literally 🙂 I keep Advil, CBD gummies and a set of my usual supplements nearby (in case I forget to take them in the morning). Plus a red lip color – i am not a fan of this particular one by @chanel.beauty, but it’s very pretty and I use it by tapping it on my lips. After leaving Vogue I joined a fashion brand where I had to learn so much, complete change of scenery: I would find factories to produce clothing, purchase fabrics at Premier Vision, run quality control checks, organize buying showrooms in Paris and manage all stores and deliveries. Crazy times! After I moved to the US, I continued doing sales and currently work with a jewelry brand. I also photograph for brands and consult on creative direction and marketing. This is how I manage to keep this account ad-free 🖐🏼 #gelcream_theoffice

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